The Importance of Mind-Body Health with Brian Wortel

November 20, 2017
Above everything else, Brian Wortel believes strong that a combination of healthy eating and healthy physical activity have served to improve every aspect of his quality of life. He doesn’t just feel better physically, of course; he also sees significant improvement to his emotional well being and his overall mood. That is why Brian sees working out as a way of gaining a higher level of fitness at all levels.

Brian WortelBrian Wortel believes that a great workout is a key component of physical and mental heal and he viewed his workouts as a major challenge as well as a strong motivation to be a better man, in every way possible. Brian swears he will never stop working out and working out hard. That said, he has also spent more time and effort in recent years trying to improve his eating habits. He wants to only eat foods that compliment his strenuous workouts and support his overall health. With Brian Wortel placing a greater emphasis on improving his food choices, he has placed the adoption of an increasingly healthy lifestyle at the top of his list of self-improvements.

Brian T. Wortel’s Career & Experience

August 25, 2017
Brian Wortel is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army for a number of years and greatly enjoyed his time in the military. It was an exciting time in his life that prepared him for his later ventures in life. The discipline, brotherhood, and commitment that Brian T. Wortel learned during this period of his life has allowed him to go on to greater success.
Brian T. Wortel
Brian T. Wortel attended basic training at Fort Knox and then attained specialist training in San Antonio. He later served in an active duty situation in the Middle East. Wortel is very proud to have served with others during this time and to call himself a U.S. veteran.

For more than twenty years, Brian T. Wortel worked as a Special Education Administrator. He’s reaped the benefits of being able to work with students who have social or emotional issues and sometimes both. This is rewarding work for Mr. Wortel and it is safe to say that he has learned more from this kids than they have learned from him. It has certainly contributed to his development into the person he is today. Wortel is also laser-focused on living a healthy lifestyle and regularly works out six or seven days a week, including frequent long distance running.

The Healthy Life of Brian Wortel

May 15, 2017
Brian T. WortelIf there is one thing that can be said about Brian T. Wortel, it is that he is an extremely goal-oriented person who is highly motivated to learn all of the best ways to improve his life in any way possible. He takes pride in the fact that his life experience has transformed him into the man he is today. From the time he served the country as a combat medic in the U.S. Army, stationed in the Middle East, to his 20-plus-year position as a special education administrator.

Brian Wortel feels that he has experienced a lot of great things in his life and he would like to continue living life to its fullest. That is one reason that his focus these days is on developing and maintaining his physical and mental health to the extent possible. He likes to participate in a complete and rigorous workout at his favorite gym nearly every day because Brian feels that his trips to the gym have served to relieve his stress and the tension he feels. That is one reason he likes to work out, but he also thinks working out is really fun.

One thing Brian T. Wortel believes is that working out and gaining a higher level of physical fitness as a major challenge that motivates him to be the best person he can be. These days, Brian is more focused than ever on improving his eating habits. By eating the healthiest and most nutritious foods possible to support his healthy lifestyle. He feels that the combination of healthy eating and healthy physical activity is the key to improving the quality of his life as well as the quality of his mood. Eating healthy has a lot to do with how a person feels and it has a lot to do with the perspective they take on life.