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Brian T. Wortel’s Career & Experience

August 25, 2017
Brian Wortel is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. He served as a combat medic in the U.S. Army for a number of years and greatly enjoyed his time in the military. It was an exciting time in his life that prepared him for his later ventures in life. The discipline, brotherhood, and commitment that Brian T. Wortel learned during this period of his life has allowed him to go on to greater success.
Brian T. Wortel
Brian T. Wortel attended basic training at Fort Knox and then attained specialist training in San Antonio. He later served in an active duty situation in the Middle East. Wortel is very proud to have served with others during this time and to call himself a U.S. veteran.

For more than twenty years, Brian T. Wortel worked as a Special Education Administrator. He’s reaped the benefits of being able to work with students who have social or emotional issues and sometimes both. This is rewarding work for Mr. Wortel and it is safe to say that he has learned more from this kids than they have learned from him. It has certainly contributed to his development into the person he is today. Wortel is also laser-focused on living a healthy lifestyle and regularly works out six or seven days a week, including frequent long distance running.